Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tired of these Blogs

Im trying to move and get married and keep up with school AND work 40+ hours a week. What am I superwoman? Something is getting the short end of the stick.... That must be my school... Yea it is. Im just tired and the I keep thinking that I wont get a job in this economy anyway soooooo why bother. Feel like Im wasting money. Oh well thats life. Not a quitter. AT ALL....

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Starting to hate School

I'm REALLY starting to hate school NOW!! I am starting not to care about my grades which is very unlike the person who started out on this journey. When I first started I turned every assignment and gave it 110%. Now I could care less about what has to be turned in and what I have to do. This is not a great attitude to have since I am paying for my own education. But this class in particular is annoying, I cant really give you an answer of why but it is. I'm just stressed and need a serious vacation from everything and everybody. I need to snap back to reality and realize why I wanted to go to school- to better Peyton's life right? lol. I will do better next week.... Hopefully. Lord know I didn't do anything this week in neither class and I do not feel to bad about it. HORRIBLE I KNOW. Just tired people.... JUST TIRED.... Having a family and trying to move, and planning a wedding, and to add to the list working 40+ hours a week is physically draining.. Pray for me!!! LOL

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Personal Style

This has been a really rough week. I used to love writing and classes like this. But not so much. Just tired and sick of school. Really deciding to withdraw from the online community. I heard from a family friend that the medical professionals are considering to delete the position of the medical assisting. Sooo.... I do not know exactly who to believe. So this class is not getting my full attention because I really do not care if I do not get a job after this. So with that being said this might be my last blog people. I hate school now... When I first started I was at every seminar did every assignment on time and now I could really care less. Maybe a lack of motivation is the issue... or just a BIG change needs to happen, or maybe it could be just the stressful life that I am living being a single mother and working a full time job. HELP!!!! Gosh this sucks....

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I feel that plagiarism even though frowned upon is looked at as the easy way out. People who do not want to do the work and take the time to learn are prone to use other ideas as their own. I personally have seen in my academc career that I have witnessed classmates buy papers online and even turn in other people papers who may have taken the class a semester before them. I am the scary type and so getting caught is something that I think about first. So no plagersim for me. Just have to work on my time management and remember that I am still in class. Sometimes I forget that I have papers or even to reply on my discussion board.