Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Personal Style

This has been a really rough week. I used to love writing and classes like this. But not so much. Just tired and sick of school. Really deciding to withdraw from the online community. I heard from a family friend that the medical professionals are considering to delete the position of the medical assisting. Sooo.... I do not know exactly who to believe. So this class is not getting my full attention because I really do not care if I do not get a job after this. So with that being said this might be my last blog people. I hate school now... When I first started I was at every seminar did every assignment on time and now I could really care less. Maybe a lack of motivation is the issue... or just a BIG change needs to happen, or maybe it could be just the stressful life that I am living being a single mother and working a full time job. HELP!!!! Gosh this sucks....


  1. Please do not quit. It may get really hard but in the end it will all be worth it for you and your child. You can do it!! I would believe the statistics that say people with a higher education make more than those without one. I would believe my desire for a better way for my children and the example that even though times get tough, you can accomplish your dreams. Whatever you decide I wish you much success.


  2. Hey Brittany,

    I agree with Isabel. You must remember the reasons that you got into school to begin with. Just think back. I also do not for one second believe that the position of medical assisting will be eliminated. Even if it was, you could on to a Bachelor degree and get an even better job. Of course like Isabel, I wish you luck in whatever you do, I just hate to see you quit because I know that you can do it. Talk with you soon.

  3. Don't quit. You can do it. I know how you are feeling, if you check my blog it talks about me being burnt out too. Being a single Mom and working too, I know it can get really tough. I try to remember that I will be making better money to support the kids and setting a good example for them in their educations too. I hope you can hang in there -- I think there will always be jobs in the medical field that need filled. You could be in one of them! :)